Posted by: Mark Polk | 2018

62 Chrysler 300H donor car

I bought two 62 Chrysler 300H letter cars. One is restorable, but the other one was too far gone to save. I hate to see a rare Chrysler letter car get scrapped, so I was determined to get any and all useable parts off the car before it goes to the junkyard.

First I removed the front end to make it easier to pull the 413 big block and the 727 transmission. After that was out I removed everything from the engine bay and firewall, to include the inner fenders. Next I removed all the chrome trim and badging from the car along with the bumpers.

I removed the doors and all the glass, and then I removed the entire interior, to include the dashboard.

I removed the deck lid and hinges. By the time I finished all that was left was a shell. I can use some of the parts when I restore the other 300H and sell whatever is leftover.

The only thing left to do is figure out where to put all the parts!


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