Posted by: Mark Polk | 2018

Rare 1992 Dodge Dakota Warrior for sale

I just purchased two Chrysler letter cars (61 Chrysler 300G & 62 Chrysler 300H) and a 300H parts car, so my car fund is depleted. I hate to do it, but to free up some cash I’m going to cut my one owner 92 Dodge Dakota Warrior.

The Dodge Dakota Warrior was designed to resemble the black Dodge Warlock truck’s of the 70s. There was also a red Dakota to resemble the Lil Red Express truck’s of the 70s. The black Warrior truck’s are more rare than the Lil red Express Dakota truck’s. These special edition Dakota truck’s were intended to be made in 1990 and 1991, however some of the bed conversions were left over and used in 1992 model trucks. It is said that only about 40 of the 1992 conversions were done. Another thing that makes the 1992 model truck’s unique is the magnum 318 V8 used in some of the truck’s.

I bought the Warrior from the original owner who purchased it in 1993 with a 318 magnum engine. It is 100% original from the factory. I have the build sheet and the original pricing from the dealership where the owner purchased it new in 1993.  The truck has 162,000 original miles with a list of all the maintenance that was done on the truck. The clear-coat is peeling off and it could use a paint job. There is no rust except for some surface rust on the roof and there are no dents in the truck. This is a very rare and original 1992 Dodge Dakota Warrior.

i was asking $7,500, but because I need cash to work on the letter cars I’m selling it for $6,000. Try to find another one for sale, you probably won’t see one let alone one for sale. If you are interested in the truck email me at






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