Posted by: Mark Polk | 2018

1961 Chrysler 300G

I just spent several months looking for my next restoration project. Some of my all time favorite cars are the Chrysler 300 letter cars. But, even if you find a letter car project they are typically out of my price range. My favorite 300 car is the 61 Chrysler 300G. It was the last of the big fin cars designed by Virgil Exner, and in my opinion it is a beautiful car.

After looking for an affordable 300G project for months I stumbled unto not one, but two 61 Chrysler 300H cars. One was in a restorable condition and the other was a rusted out parts car. I know how much used parts for these cars can cost, so the idea of a part’s car (especially a complete parts car) sounded good. The asking price for both cars was $13,700. I drove to Indiana to look at the cars and after some negotiations got both cars for much less. I brought one back on a trailer and paid $450 to have the second one delivered.

A couple months later I was doing some research on the Chrysler 300 Club website when I ran across an eBay listing for a 61 Chrysler 300G with no reserve. I had enough money in my car fund to restore the H letter car, but now I was seriously considering bidding on my all time favorite 300G. It was an original survivor car with all the documentation from the original owner who purchased the car in 1961.

I decided to place my high bid on EBay and see what happened. As the final seconds ticked down the last bidder stopped bidding one dollar short of my high bid, yes I said one dollar short! I just won one of my favorite cars and it was an original survivor. I paid to have it brought from Florida to North Carolina.

My car fund was completely depleted, but both letter cars (and a parts car) were parked at my shop.

Not only is the 300G in great condition, it is also super rare. All of the letter cars came equipped with tan leather seats, but my 300G has a rare 888 trim code meaning it was a special order car with black leather seats. I have only found a couple other letter cars still in existence with the 888 trim code.

I think the WW1 Alaskan white exterior along with the black interior looks fantastic.

And how could anybody not like the 380 horsepower 413 big block with cross ram induction.

Let the work begin!

Mark Polk




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