Posted by: Mark Polk | 2015

71 Dodge Power Wagon – Fabricating Side Steps for the Truck

Now that the truck is painted I am going down the home stretch. I still need to do the exhaust system and lots of little odds and ends, but right now I am fabricating some side steps for the truck. I had some heavy gauge diamond plate steel and 3/4 inch square tubing  left from other jobs that will work great on the steps.

After deciding where and how I planned to mount the finished steps I started the fabrication. I started by cutting 45 degree angles in the square tubing so I could bend and weld the joints. I repeated the process so I would have four arms to mount the two steps to.

Next  I fabricated the pieces that would attach to the arms and the frame of the truck and I cut the diamond plate into the shape I wanted for the steps. I welded the steps to the frames.

I test fit the steps on the truck and drilled the four mounting holes in the step frames and the truck frame.

When everything checked out I ground all the welds, sanded the steps and frames and sprayed them with a good quality etching primer.

The final step in the process was to paint the steps using the darker color I used on the front bumper and the tailgate. As soon as they dry good I can mount them on the truck and then get started on a bed liner for the truck.

Next up: Searching for a Sweptline Tailgate

Read about the full build HERE

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