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71 Power Wagon – Fabricating a Roll Pan for the Truck

The truck came with a rear chrome bumper, but it had a couple bad dents that would be difficult to straighten, and it would need to be re-chromed. I fabricated a front winch bumper for the truck and now it was time to do something on the back. I thought about fabricating more of a bulky 4X4 type bumper but my son said I should consider a roll pan for a nice clean look. I’ve seen lots of roll pans on trucks but never considered it on the power wagon. After giving it some thought I made the decision to to try fabricating the roll pan.

fabricate roll pan for power wagonThe first thing I did was cut the old license plate section out so I could use it in the new roll pan.  Once that was done there was no turning back, so I found a piece of good heavy gauge metal in the shop and cut it to the length and width I wanted. I left a little extra on the width since it would need to be heated and shaped to match the contour and rear bed corner lines.

roll pan tack license plate holder in placeNext I cut a section out for the license plate holder and tacked the old piece in place. I fabricated the top and side pieces of the roll pan and welded them in place. At first I wanted to design it so the roll pan could be removed, and I didn’t want any bolts to show when it was installed, so I fabricated some brackets that would bolt to the frame and welded them on the back of the roll pan.

roll pan bondo

I clamped the roll pan down to the work bench with a piece of pipe under it so I could heat the metal and shape it to the curve of the pipe. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked. I ground all of the welds down smooth and used some Bondo to clean up the edges.

roll pan test fit on truck

The only thing left to do is figure out if I want to install any flush-mounted lights in the roll pan our leave it smooth. Then I can prime and paint it to match the front bumper.

roll pan paintedAt the last minute I decided to weld the roll pan in place and do the body work to get a nice clean finished look. I finished the roll pan, sanded the bed and tailgate and sprayed them. This is how the roll pan turned out. Now I can move on to the custom exhaust system.

Next up: Paint Job Finished

Read about the full build HERE

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