Posted by: Mark Polk | 2015

Mopars – Final Resting Place

mopars in fieldIn my search for a Mopar car restoration project I ran across an auction that was less than 30 minutes from where we live. They were selling an old dragstrip and about 60 cars that were parked on the property for many years. The auction ad said there were three Dodge Super Bees  (a 68,69 & 70) and three Plymouth GTXs (one 69 and two 67s) among other cars. I always thought about restoring a Super Bee or GTX and could not believe these cars were this close to us and I never knew it. They also had two Dodge Sweptline trucks (a 67 & 70 model). The day before the auction you could preview the cars and I think I was the first one there that morning. Unfortunately it didn’t take long to see, that except for salvaging a few parts, they were all beyond repair or restoration.

The 70 Super Bee in the picture was a factory 440 six-pack car, but the motor was long gone. By the looks of the hood and the homemade spoiler on the back deck it probably made lots of runs down that old dragstrip in days gone by.

I’ll keep looking for a good Mopar project car.

Mark Polk

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