Posted by: Mark Polk | 2014

71 Dodge Power Wagon – Interior Work

Now that the windshield and back window are installed my plan at this stage of the build is to get the Power Wagon’s interior put back together and get the doors on the truck. When I was looking for parts a year or so ago for the restoration I found an original sweptline headliner with the chrome trim to hold it in. I painted the door panels, door handles and headliner black using a SEM product paint. After verifying my cab light wiring worked correctly I installed the headliner.

dash with radio outI took the dash pad and the sunvisors to an uphosltery shop and had them covered in a charcoal gray color to match the seats I got out of a Dodge Durango from a junkyard. I thought the Alubeam silver truck color with black and charcoal gray accents would look good on the truck’s interior. When I installed the new radio the flip-up touchscreen did not raise completely before hitting the dash pad. It didn’t look good at that angle so I took the dash pad back to the upholstery shop and had them cut a section out so the touch screen could raise all the way. It turned out pretty decent but now I have more in the dash pad than the entire interior!

seat and carpetNext I fould some carpet that was supposedly made for my year, make and model truck. I had to fabricate some seat mounts and then cut the carpet to fit around everything. I took the original bench seat slider tracks off the old seat and modified them to work on the driver’s side seat. The passenger seat will be stationary. I installed the carpet, seats, and center console. It looks good and all that is left on the interior is the small things like the glove box, defroster vents and the boot for the 4X4 lever.

I am not looking forward to installing the door glass and doors, but that’s next on the list so I’ll keep you posted.

71 Power Wagon – A New Pair of Shoes, Brake Shoes that is

Read about the full build HERE

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