Posted by: Mark Polk | 2014

71 Dodge Power Wagon – Door Panels, Window Frames, Headliner & Hood

As part of any vehicle restoration project there are tons on small pieces and parts that need to be cleaned, sanded and painted prior to going back on the vehicle. This attention to detail is what gives the end product a show quality finish, and how well you do the work now adds to the longevity of all your hard work.

Things like cleaning, sanding, priming and painting all the hardware, screw heads and other pieces and parts are mundane projects that you don’t want to do, but know must be done. It is nearing the time to put the truck’s interior back together so I needed to address items like interior plastic and vinyl parts that needed a color change, and the vent widow frames that had years of accumulated dirt and rust.

It took me a long time to find all the door panels, door handles, seat belt parts and pieces and an original Dodge Sweptline headliner, and of course they are all different colors. I have tan door panels, green door handles and a blue headliner. So, the first step with all the vinyl and plastic interior pieces was to thoroughly clean the surface area with soapy water a brush and a rag and then rinse them good. Next I sanded the surface area to scuff it just enough for the new paint to take hold. Then I cleaned the parts again with water (no soap this time) and as a final prep wiped them down with a wax and grease remover.

When I painted the interior on the 87 Jeep Commanche project truck I used a SEM product, designed for vinyl and plastic that I liked so I got the same brand paint for the Dodge interior. The interior will be a mix of charcoal gray (seats, dash pad & visors) and black (carpet, headliner & door panels). I didn’t want a gloss or flat black so I went with a Landau black that is right in the middle.

Dodge Sweptline window frames paintedThe next project I tackled was the vent window frames. There was some pitting and surface rust so it took lots of sanding and time to get in all the nooks and crannies, and you need to be patient even if you don’t want to be. I found some replacement rubber for the windows, but not all of it for the vent windows so I still have concerns about the craked and dry-rotted pieces around the vent windows. But in the mean time I moved forward with priming and painting the window frames black.

Dodge Sweptline hood painted

I prepped the hood for paint awhile back and decided to go ahead and spray it with color so it would be done as well. I masked off the center raised section of the hood off because I plan to ghost in a slightly darker color in that area. I have not done this before, but if I get the color right it will look good and will hardly be noticeable unless you really pay attention.

Next I hope to start putting the interior back together and install the glass and doors on the truck. I’ll keep you posted

71 Dodge Power Wagon – Interior Work

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