Posted by: Mark Polk | 2014

71 Power Wagon – Install the 318 Poly SEMI HEMI

Poly 318 & 727 going in 71 Dodge Power WagonAfter completing some preliminary wiring in the truck’s cab and under the hood it was time to install the engine and transmission. Just for good measure I added a quart of transmission fluid to the new torque converter and mated the transmission to the engine via the flex plate. I was working by myself, so I needed to be extra careful working around the freshly painted firewall. The engine and transmission went in without a hitch except for re-positioning the motor mounts to give the clearance I needed.

318 Poly Installed in Power Wagon

With the engine and transmission in the truck I did some additional wiring and hooked some of the transmission shift linkage up. When I bought the old 63 Poly 318 engine it didn’t have any of the throttle linkage or transmission kickdown linkage on it so the plan is to see what I can salvage and fabricate from the 383 and 727 that came out of the truck. Once that’s done I can install the starter and alternator and double check the timing. Then the only thing stopping me from firing the new engine (besides my day job)  is installing the fuel tank and radiator and a few miscellaneous items.

Poly 318 Semi Hemi Installed in Power wagon project

Stayed tuned and I’ll keep you posted when I start the engine.

Read about the full build HERE

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