Posted by: Mark Polk | 2014

71 Power Wagon – Time to Start on the Wiring

My goal now is to get the engine and transmission in the truck and fire it up for the first time. To do that I need to get the wiring done, and to do that I need the dashboard back in the truck. The so called professional bodyman/painter I paid to paint the cab was also supposed to paint the dashboard. After he screwed up the cab’s paint job I told hime he needed to fix the cab and paint the dashboard, which was part of the original deal. He quit taking my phone calls and texts, and to be honest with you I don’t have the time or patience to deal with someone like this right now, but it’s okay  Karma will get him in the long run.

dashboard painted So to remedy the problem I did some horse trading for a nice SATA spray gun and painted the dash myself. I have the skills, I just needed the right equipment for the job. The dash turned out great. If I had this spray gun sooner I could have painted the entire cab and saved myself lots of time, money and headaches.



wiring harness resizedAfter speding hours fixing runs, dirt and bugs in a poor paint job it was time to move on to re-wiring the truck. I am making some upgrades to the wiring like a new 13 circuit fuse box, adding electronic ignition and some other electronic equipment that will bring the truck’s wiring into the 21st century.



re-wiring power wagonThe plan at this point is to install all the wiring, but leave the wiring harnesses open and accessible until the truck is running and all circuits check out. Then I can tape everything up and cover it in some nice loom.

I’ll keep you posted on when the engine and transmission go back in the SEMI HEMI project truck.

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Read about the full build HERE


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