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SOLD – Rare Poly Engine Aluminum Dual Quad Intake #1735919 with WCFBs

318 Poly aluminum dual quad intake

318 Poly aluminum dual quad intake

Intakes are SOLD. Locating parts for my 71 Dodge Power Wagon restoration has been difficult.  I stop at every salvage yard I see to inquire about Sweptline parts. Through my travels I have run into some very rare hard to find 318 poly parts. About a year ago I found an Edelbrock P600 3-deuce intake manifold that I installed on my rebuilt 318 poly with Rochester carburetors.

After deciding to use the P600 set-up on my Power Wagon  I found some other very rare 318 poly induction pieces during my travels. These include a cast iron dual quad intake used on 57-58 Chrysler models part # 1822004 and a super rare aluminum dual quad intake part number 1735919 with two Carter four barrel carburetors. Judging by the amount of dirt and dust that was on the intake I would say it has been sitting on the shelf at that salvage yard for many many years.

318 Poly dual quad intake with WCFBs

318 Poly dual quad intake with WCFBs

These aluminum Poly dual quad intakes with WCFBs are hard to come by. It has the square mounting pattern and was used on 1956 Plymouth Furys with the 303 CID engine. In 1956 Plymouth came out with a MoPar dealer installed HiPo package as an aftermarket add-on for race enthsiasts. In addition to a high performance cam, tappets and special air cleaners the dealer-installed package included an aluminum dual quad intake (part number 1735919) and 2-Carter four barrel carburetors.

I wanted to hold onto these intakes for future poly head engine projects, but I need funds to keep my 71 Dodge Power Wagon project moving along. Both intakes are for sale.  I would really like to see the aluminum dual quad intake and carburetors used on a 56 Plymouth build.

Both intakes are used, but look to be in good condition. All the bolt threads are good and I don’t see any cracks or previous repairs. Both intakes need to be cleaned by a machine shop and the Carter cartburetors will need a complete rebuild.

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