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71 Power Wagon – Finishing the Frame

Final Frame Prep

Final Frame Prep

After lots of sanding, scraping, grinding and cleaning the truck’s frame was ready for some POR 15. I have used POR 15 on other restoration projects and liked the results, so I decided it would be the best choice for coating and protecting the frame, inner fenders, fender wells, under the bed and on other areas exposed to road dirt and grime.

The final step was to roll the truck outside and pressure wash the frame and undercarriage. With the frame clean, dry and sanded I applied 2 coats of a etching primer and coated the entire frame with the POR15. If you never used the product before wear old clothes and gloves and take precautions to keep it off your skin. The reason I say this is once it makes contact with something it stays there. It took a couple weeks to get it off where it accidentally contacted my skin.

POR-15 on truck bed

POR-15 on truck bed

I used a brush to apply the POR15. You can get into all the corners and crevices and it covers well with a brush. I put the truck back on the lift and painted the entire frame and undercarriage. I flipped the truck’s bed over for easy access and after cleaning and prepping it using a wire wheel on a grinder I coated the entire underside of the bed too.

POR-15 on truck panels

POR-15 on truck panels

After the bed was finished I moved on to the inner fenders, inside the wheel wells, front header, motor mount brackets and anything else that would be exposed to the elements over time.

With the frame completed it’s time to paint the firewall and get ready to install the engine and transmission in the truck.

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