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Tyler’s Jeep MJ Wins at his 1st Car Show

If you have followed Tyler’s Jeep MJ build you know we finished his truck, on a budget, last month . A week or so ago Tyler told me they were having the final Drop Jaw car show, (Drop Jaw at the Beach 3) in Myrtle Beach SC. It was a truck extravaganza. Tyler wanted to drive his truck to Myrtle Beach and attend the show. After giving it some thought I told him he should enter his truck in the show and see what happens.

So, we prepped the Jeep MJ for about 2 days, finishing all the small details that we didn’t complete yet and cleaning the truck from top to bottom. I printed the judging criteria so Tyler would know where to concentrate his efforts. Everybody pitched in when it came to detailing the truck for Tyler’s first car show.

Prepping Jeep for Drop Jaw

Prepping Jeep for Drop Jaw

Since it was Drop Jaw’s final event they decided to give awards for the judges top 50 vehicles at the show rather than judging by categories. Tyler’s truck would have been in the mini-truck category, and I really think he had a chance of winning 1st or 2nd in that category. There was lots of competition at the show and I told Tyler that being selected in the judges top 50 would be quite an honor. When we weren’t walking around the show looking at all the other vehicles and watching the days events (exhaust poppin contest, burnout contest etc) Tyler was detailing the truck.

Tyler & his Drop Jaw award

Tyler & his Drop Jaw award

It was a fun, but long day and at 7PM we went to the awards presentation. In no particular order they read of the judge’s top 50 picks from over 450 vehicle entries in the show. They called Tyler’s name about 10th on the list and he was excited and I think shocked. Some of the people we met at the show throughout the day cheered him on when he went up to get his award.

Tyler put a lot of effort and hard work in his Jeep truck over the past 8 months or so and I think it’s a great lesson demonstrating how you can be rewarded for your effort. He got lots of great ideas from other people at the show and has plans to make more upgrades on the truck and to attend more shows in the future.

All he has to do now is save the money to make the upgrades. Now it’s time for me to to get started on the 71 Dodge Power Wagon project again.

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