Posted by: Mark Polk | 2013

Jeep MJ Build – The Paint Job

Tyler with his new paint job

Tyler with his new paint job

After prepping the truck for paint we took it to a shop in Wilmington NC, to have it painted. We bought the Lava orange paint as a Christmas present for Tyler. When Ed sprayed the orange he called and told Tyler he thought it was too much orange. Our original plan was to accent the orange with some black on the hood vents, side cab vents and bumpers. Ed told Tyler he thought it would look good two-tone, with black on top and orange on the bottom with a small lime green pinstripe separating the two colors. Tyler told him to go ahead and do it.

Ed called a couple days later and said it was painted so we drove down to have a look. Tyler was nervous with excitement, hoping it would look good with the two-tone paint job. When we arrived it was sitting outside. I thought it looked good with the two-tone paint and Tyler loved it. Ed still wants to spray in the SEM Rock It bedliner and paint some of the trim so we’re hoping to get it back in another week or two and put it all back together. Tyler just finished driver’s training and we’re one step closer to having the truck finished just in time for him to start driving.

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Tyler's Jeep MJ paint job

Tyler’s Jeep MJ paint job



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