Posted by: Mark Polk | 2013

Why Change your Engine Oil?

Since the invention of the internal combustion engine consumers have been instructed to periodically change their engine oil and oil filter. The friction created by moving parts in an engine creates heat, so engine oil is used to lubricate all of the moving parts and help keep the engine cool. The additives used in engine oil help neutralize acids and prevent or slow down corrosion in the engine.

Oil in 318 poly engine oil pan

Oil in 318 poly engine oil pan

 If you don’t replace the engine oil and filter on a routine basis the oil starts to breakdown, contributing to more serious and costly repairs. Think of your engine’s oil pump as the heart and the oil as the blood flow.Although oil change intervals have increased with advanced technology in engine oil it is still necessary to change your engine oil and filter on a routine basis.

I am rebuilding the 318 poly head engine I plan to use in my 1971 Dodge W100 Power Wagon Build-Up and the picture shows what I found in the oil pan. This is why you change your engine oil!

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