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Jeep MJ Build – Tires & Lift

Rims & Tires

Rims & Tires

We kept checking Craigslist for a good set of slightly used tires that would fit the truck and we hit pay dirt early one morning. There was an ad for a set of 31X10.5 Mickey Thompson tires mounted on deep dish Mickey Thompson rims with less than 6,000 miles on them. The owner wanted to go with a larger tire and rim and advertised this set of tires and rims for $400. They were easily worth twice that amount and I knew they would be gone quickly. I contacted the owner and decided to make an offer of $350. Not only did he accept the offer, but he agreed to meet me half-way which would equate to about an hours drive for both of us. The tires were in perfect condition and would save Tyler a lot of money, plus they looked really cool on the truck.

With the essentials taken care of it was time for some nice to have items that every 16 year-old wants on their truck. We found a good deal on a Kenwood stereo on Ebay, an inexpensive 2-inch lift kit, and some interior trim that the truck was missing.

2-inch Lift

2-inch Lift

The new tires needed some additional room in the wheel wells, so we found an inexpensive 2-inch lift to give the tires some clearance. It wasn’t too difficult to install. The kit included a 2-inch spacer that would go above the front coil springs and 2 inch blocks for the rear suspension. The lift kit gave us the height clearance we were looking for, but when you turn the steering wheel sharp to the right or left the larger tires slightly contacted the front portion of the fenders. I would need to look into our options for correcting the steering issues.

 Growing up I spent a lot of time hanging out in auto body shops and garages. In high school I took 2 years of auto body shop in a Vocational Technical course.  I don’t do much body work anymore, but felt confident I could do the necessary work on Tyler’s truck and prep it for paint. This would also give Tyler a taste of what it’s like to hand sand a vehicle and get it prepped it for paint. Tyler’s plan it to change the truck from its original color to a nice burnt orange basecoat, and have black accents on the truck. We are very fortunate to have a freind who is a professional body man and painter. He told Tyler if we got the truck ready he would paint it at no cost, other than materials. This was a big deal and would save Tyler a ton of money, not to mention what it might have looked like if I painted it.

Join us next time when we tackle the body work on Tyler’s truck.

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