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Jeep MJ Build – The Bodywork

Starting the bodywork: The best way to accomplish this is to remove as many parts, pieces and trim from the truck as possible, so we can paint everything the new color, rather than taping things off and spraying around things. Fortunately the truck does not have any rust whatsoever, but it does have it’s share of dents and dings. With fairly straight panels the body work is pretty straight forward and simple.

Jeep MJ body work

Jeep MJ body work

It took me a little while to get back in the swing of things working with body filler, but it’s kind of like riding a bike, it all comes back to you. With a professional bodyman/painter doing the paint job I need to get the work as close to perfect as I am able to get it. If it were me painting it I wouldn’t want my quality paint job going over poor bodywork.

At this point in the project Tyler has roughly $1,450 invested and about $50 in his truck account. He has been washing and waxing some neighbors cars,  and he asked for money for his birthday. There is a lot of work  we can still do without money, but he will need to save for awhile to purchase the primer, paint and supplies needed to paint the vehicle. We actually bought his paint for his birthday, but he will need to get the primer and other supplies.

Meanwhile we installed a set of hood vents on the truck by Napier Precision Products. I mentioned earlier that the Jeep has a 242 Cubic Inch 4 liter six cylinder engine. This engine is perhaps one of the best six cylinder engines ever built for off-road use, but one concern with the 4L engine is the heat created under the hood. Four wheel drive enthusiasts know that the cooler an engine runs the better it performs, so to help get rid of the heat they install hood vents. In Tyler’s case it was more for looks. I made a video on the hood vent installation:

In the next post we’ll wrap up the body work and send it off for paint.

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