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Jeep MJ Build – Interior Work

Jeep MJ interior

Jeep MJ interior

With the mechanical work completed and the exterior of the truck almost ready for paint we turned our attention back to the Jeep’s interior. The truck did not have a headliner and was missing some plastic trim that go around the headliner. I soon discovered just how hard it was to locate some of these parts. I searched Craigslist regularly for Jeep Comanche parts, but every time I found one it either didn’t have the headliner or was missing the other trim we needed.

One day I found a junkyard in South Carolina that had what I needed and they quoted me a price. It was two weeks before I could make the trip so I called them before leaving to make sure they still had the parts I needed. They said yes, but now the price was double what they quoted two weeks earlier. The receptionist told me the owner said the headliner was worth more than the price they quoted me the first time.  I explained that it was bad business to double the price on a customer, and she told me the owner said the pricing they gave me was only good for one week. What a bunch of BS! I won’t tell you the name of the junkyard, but if you are looking for parts in the Spartansburg SC area make sure you settle on a price before doing business with them.

I eventually found a Jeep Comanche about 3 hours away that had all of the interior parts we needed. It was a long drive but the price was right even when you factor in the gas. The only problem is the plastic trim is a different color, so we need to clean, lightly sand and paint the trim to match what is in Tyler’s truck.

Jeep MJ interior

Jeep MJ interior

Tyler bought some SEM plactic trim paint that was a close match to color in his truck. We carefully prepped the plastic and sparyed it with the paint. It paint covered nice and it should work just fine. One large piece of trim behind the back seat was covered with carpet some we went to the local fabric store and got enough fabric to cover the trim piece behind the seat and the headliner I just got out of the other truck. The color of the fabric matched the interior colors of the truck like it came that way from the factory. We picked up some spray adhesive designed for upholstery and headliners, cut a pattern using the old pieces and recovered the Jeep’s headline and rear trim piece.

All that was left to do at this point was drop the truck off at Eds to have it sprayed.

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