Posted by: Mark Polk | 2013

HD Golf Cart Clutch Problems

HD 250cc engine

HD 250cc engine

The engine on the Harley Davidson gas golf cart is purring like a kitten, but what I didn’t realize is the primary drive was not engaging. What that means is the engine runs good, but you can’t go anywhere. The drive clutch, or primary drive used on these carts is a wet clutch. It holds gear oil in the housing and when you accelerate the floating flange moves closer to the flange on the engine crankcase engaging the drive belt and transferring power to the rear wheels. This acts as the clutch.

The more gas you give it the higher up the belt rides on the two flanges applying more power. When you let off the gas the flanges separate and the transmission disengages. The problem with my wet clutch is that it is completely dry. So I decided to completely disassemble the primary drive and see what was preventing it from operating properly.

Primary Drive Removed

Primary Drive Removed

There are lots of moving parts inside, and upon inspection the dissassembled drive was so dry it could not float back and forth to engage the belt. I thought I got off easy and with a good cleaning and new gear oil it would work fine. Then I noticed a broken part on the floating flange itself. It would need to be replaced to operate properly. I searched Ebay for a used flange without success. I found one online for $95 but that is half of my budget. If you spend some time researching and comparing prices you can usually save some money. It took awhile but I finally found the flange through another online source for $60 plus $10 S&H. 

I ordered the part but it has been nearly 8 weeks and I still haven’t received it. I contacted the vendor and was told the part was on backorder. Two more weeks passsed and still no part. At this point I think it’s best to cancel the order and pay $95 and hopefully get the part in a timely manner.

I’ll post again when I receive the parts to repair the clutch.



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