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Harley Davidson Golf Cart – The Plan

HD carts loaded up

HD carts loaded up

On the drive back home after purchasing my two Harley davidson project golf carts I tried to figure out a plan. I knew I already paid on the high end of what the carts were probably worth, but since they both ran I thought it was a fair deal at the time. Of course when you have time to think about it you begin to wish you offered way less, or didn’t buy them in the first place. Hindsight is 20/20. They are mine now and I am out $900. The important thing at this point is to watch every dollar I put into this build project. Replacement parts for these carts can be difficult to come by and if you do find them they are expensive, especially for the gas engine cart. I would need to be careful during the disassembly stage not to damage or break any hard-to-find parts. I need to make a profit on this deal and it’s already a given I won’t get paid for my labor.

 I was banking on the gas cart being my money maker. How cool is it to have a 38 year old restored Harley Davidson golf cart with a 250 cc Harley Davidson gas engine. I was sure that a Harley person would want one to just cruise around on, or a golf person could appreciate one to show off on the golf course.
On the ride back to the garage my preliminary plan was to use all the best parts to restore the gas cart and hope there was enough left over to make a cool rat rod electric HD cart that someone would surely be interested in owning. If I can get my money back plus a reasonable profit maybe I would even keep the at rat rod cart!
So, for now the plan is to track my expenses  in each cart individually starting at $450 purchase price and hope to come out with a profit. I need to restore these carts on a slim budget. If I can get them in top running condition, go through all the electrical, repair the bodies and give them a nice Harley paint job without replacing major parts and components I might be okay.
I always like to start with a tentative profit margin so I know what my operating budget is. My preliminary thoughts were if I could get a minimum of $1,600 for the restored gas cart and $1,200 for the restored electric cart (minus $500 in replacement batteries) there would be $1,400 in potential profit. If I plan on making $1,000 clear profit I have a $400 budget, or $200 per cart.
The first step is to disassemble the carts and see what I have to work with.
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