Posted by: Mark Polk | 2013

Harley Davidson Golf Cart Demo Stage

 I came up with somewhat of a plan for my two Harley Davidson golf carts on the drive back home. Basically the plan was after buying six new battery for the electric cart I can only spend $200 additional on each cart if I plan to make a profit. That is not much of an operating budget, so I’ll need to be very careful in what I spend.
The first step after unloading the carts was to disassemble them and see what I have to work with. On the older 3-wheel Harley Davidson golf carts I was told the chassis’ were the same for both the gas and electric carts. This gave HD the option of putting either a gas engine in the frame or an electric motor and batteries, a money saving idea for sure. The bodies were hinged at the rear of the frame so you could raise the entire body, giving you easy access to work on the cart. Another great idea.
HD golf cart body raised

HD golf cart body raised

My plan was to completely dissasemble the bodies from the carts so I could really go through everything. This way I can clean the frames and easily remove and repair anything I need to.

And with the fiberglass body removed from the chassis it would be easier to do the bodywork, and I could pick and choose the best body parts to put back on the gas cart.

After disassenbling both carts I decided to start working on the gas cart first. I wanted to make sure the 2 stroke engine had good gas and that the gas was mixed properly, so I removed, drained and refilled the fuel tank. I also scraped and cleaned 38 years of grease and grime from the frame. I think with some engine degreaser a quick pressure wash and some sanding the frame and engine would be ready for a new coat of paint. I can’t completey remove everything from the frame to paint it, because of the time constraints, but most of the frame is accessible and will look good with a freash coat of paint.
Both bodies removed

Both bodies removed

 But before I do anything I want to get fresh fuel in the tank, hear the engine run and make sure the cart will move in forward and reverse. If it will do that I will feel better that there are no major mechanical problems with the gas cart.
Thanks for checking out the HD golf cart build. Stay tuned to see if we can get the 250 cc engine running and driving  in my next post. Harley Davidson Golf Cart – Start your Engine


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