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Dodge Sweptline Parts & Information Resources

A major part of restoring a Dodge Sweptline truck is locating sites that offer good information and sites where you can find parts for these trucks. If I said it once I said it a thousand times, these Sweptline trucks are hard to find parts for and there is very little in the way of aftermarket parts support.

I am a Mopar guy and a truck guy. When it comes to trucks I like power wagons and I like the sweptline era in Dodge’s history. So, with my passion for anything Mopar, and power wagon trucks I am up for the challenge of locating hard to find parts for this Dodge truck build project.

During my research I started compiling a list of helpful sites I found for the W100 Sweptline power wagon restoration project. Most of these sites concentrate on 61-71 Dodge Sweptline model trucks.

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This list is a work in progress. If you know of additional sites that could be helpful to Sweptline enthusiasts let me know and I will add them to this resource page.

  • 61 to 71 Dodge Sweptline Trucks

  • Dodge Sweptline Online Community

  • Sweptline Truck History & Data

  • Dodge Sweptline Registry

  • Sweptline Parts

  • Sweptline Images

  • Dodge Sweptline Forum

  • Dodge Sweptline IFS article

  • Dodge Power Wagon

  • Vintage Power Wagon Site (not sweptline)

  • Sweptline Restoration CD

  • Old Dodges Site with Sweptline links

  • Whete to get Sweptline parts

  • Leaf Springs

  • Lift kits, springs & accessories

  • Chrysler 518 overdrive transmission information

  • 518 Transmission Conversion

  • Firestone Air Ride suspension

  • Sweptline restoration services

  • Eaton Custom springs

  • 62-82 Used Dodge Truck Parts

  • Dodge truck parts,carcode,1099245,a,,ck[ID],0,ck[idlist],0,ck[viewcurrency],USD,ck[PHP_SESSION_ID],np07mesv04doqook6hru4088t4

  • Disc Brake Conversion Information

  • 1961-1971 Dodge Truck Interior parts–weatherstriping.html

  • Pro Fit Auto Interiors

  • Electronic Ignition Conversion Kits

  • 61-71 replaclement Dodge truck panels

  • truck axle guide information

  • Guide to 727 and 904 transmissions

  • NP 205 Transfer Case Information

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In an upcoming post I am going to list some resources for the 318 poly head engine for those of you considering this engine in your truck build. 318 A Poly Head Engine Resources Page

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