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71 Power Wagon – The Plan

Club Car project after

Club Car project after

I have been wheeling and dealing with trades on Craigslist to increase my truck restoration fund. I started with an old john boat and 6 hp motor, that I traded for a golf cart. I added a new set of batteries and a paint job to the golf cart and traded it for a cool old Glastron Carlson CV16 boat with a 40 hp Mercury engine. At this point I have $1,400 in real money invested in the boat.

boat and trailer 010 I plan to make a few repairs to the boat, bring back the oxidized metallic paint job and hopefully double my investment when it’s finished. With warmer weather approaching the plan is to get the boat fixed, advertised and sold. I also sold a 1990 Ford Bronco 2 that I had sitting around, contributing to my truck restoration fund.

A company I work with in the RV business is Equalizer hitch. When I talked with them last year at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky. they were interested in a sponsorship for the truck build. They thought the concept of restoring the truck to tow the vintage  Yellowstone trailer was a neat idea. I used several Equalizer products on the vintage trailer restoration project like the Equalizer hitch, the Fastway Zip break-away cable and the Fastway Flip Jack so it was a great fit for both our companies. I only recommend products that I personally use and Equalizer is the only hitch I use to tow trailers.

When I combine my wheeling and dealing on Craigslist and the Equalizer sponsorship I have just over $7,000 in my truck fund to start the truck build-up. When I sell the boat and my two old Harley Davidson golf carts I am restoring the money I get will go into the truck restoration fund as well.  It’s not a lot of money when you are talking about restoring a vehicle but it’s a good start. And as I said this is not really intended to be a show vehicle as much as a daily driver. We’ll just call it a poor man’s restoration.

The Plan:

So with a starting budget of  roughly 7K I needed a plan. Right now that plan is to get the truck in the garage and on the lift to start the disassembly. I want to take the engine and transmission out of the truck, remove the bed, the interior and all the glass. At that point I’ll have a better idea of just where I stand.

In the military we would conduct a Technical Inspection or TI on a vehicle when it came in for service. You simply inspect every component on the truck and record any faults or deficiencies, and once completed you start working off the list. This seemed like a logical plan. I can identify what is wrong with the truck and with the completed inspection I can start making some phone calls and looking up parts to get a better idea on what the necessary repairs will involve and at what cost.

Join me again next time when there is a sudden change in plans.

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