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71 Power Wagon – Suspension

dodge power wagonI thought while I was waiting for the engine parts to arrive it would be a good time to look at the truck’s suspension upgrades I would like to make. This being a classic Dodge power wagon naturally makes you want to add a nice suspension lift on the truck. But the pratical side, and budget side, tells me to be realistic and to keep in mind I will occasionally be towing a trailer with the truck too.

front leaf spring

front leaf spring

I was looking for a 3-4 inch suspension lift, but there really aren’t any lift kits designed specifically for this truck. These old sweptline trucks are hard to find aftermarket parts for, or any parts for that matter. I ended up deciding on a Firestone air ride suspension for the rear that will add about 2 inches of lift when the air bags are inflated, and it makes sense when I’m towing the old vintage travel trailer. The front leaf springs on the truck look like they are almost inverted, so I am considering replacing the front leaf springs and shocks with a set of springs that will lift the front of the truck about 3 inches.

There is one Rough Country 4-inch suspension lift that states it will work on 1970 through 1992 Dodge trucks, including W100 models. The lift comes with front leaf springs, polyurethane bushings, a steering block, 4 RC Hydro 8000 or RC nitro 9000 series shocks, u-bolts, and an option for  rear blocks or leaf springs. I’m going to call and talk with them to make sure it is suitable for my truck and then make a decision based on what I find out.

Here are a few links with lift kits and leaf springs I found when searching for lift kit options for my Sweptline truck:



Keep in mind that my research to date has not resulted in finding any lift kit that was designed specifically for 61-71 Sweptline trucks. I’ll keep you posted on what I find out.

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