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71 Power Wagon – No Turning Back!

Well I made the decision and purchased a 318 poly head engine, a rare Edlebrock P600 three deuce manifold and three remanufactured Rochester carburetors modified for use on this type of induction set-up. I am already into this for $1,300 so there is no turning back now.

My plan with the 6-pack Edlebrock intake is to run the truck on the center 2-bbl carburetor and use a progressive linkage, much like a Pontiac tri power set-up, so the two end carbureators are just dumpers. I have not set one of these up from scratch before so I will keep you posted on my progress.

During my research on the 318 poly engine I discovered a very knowlegable Mopar guy (especially on poly head engines). His name is Gary Pavlovich and he lives in California. What I really like about Gary is he listens to what your plans are and how you want to use the vehicle after the build and makes his recommendations based on that information. I could tell after talking to Gary that he is extremely knowledgeable, specially on all topics concerning the polyhead 318 engine. Gary was extremely generous and helpful in taking time to answer my questions concerning the 318 poly head engine build. I want my poly engine to be a mild street engine that is suitable for a truck application and Gary was paramount in achieving this goal. Read Gary’s poly head engine articles published in Mopar Muscle Magizine:

disassembled 318 poly

disassembled 318 poly

I disassembled the 318 poly head engine to see what kind of shape it was in and to start working on a list of parts I want and need for the rebuild. Gary offered information and recommendations on cam profiles and other important information concerning building the poly head engine to suit my specific needs. When it came time to order parts I found a couple of companies offering discounted pricing on complete 318 poly overhaul kits. I knew the majority of these package deals consisted mostly of stock parts, but the pricing was attractive. I contacted Gary and once again he assisted me with advice on quality upgraded parts I should consider using, as opposed to stock parts. Things like a high performance poly camshaft, matching high lift valve springs for the cam, bronze valve guides instead of steel guides or bronze guide liners, new rocker shafts and many other quality parts.

The parts for the 318 poly rebuild are on order and I dropped the engine off at the machine shop. Join me in my next post when I take a look at the truck’s suspension upgrades while I wait to get the engine back .

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